Nutrition Tip of the Week!

So, we all know how important calcium is for our bones, muscle function and is even the key factor in nerve impulse transmission.  The problem, however, is that most normal sources of calcium are being omitted from diets, in recent years more than ever.  Milk, cheese and yogurt are some of the best sources of the daily recommended calcium amounts, but also contain higher levels of fat; which deter people from consuming those items.  Paleo and vegan diets eliminate dairy all together, and often don’t have a replacement food source.  Personally, I still do drink milk and eat cheese, but here is a list of non-dairy calcium foods to keep in mind as you plan your meals for next week!

Recommended Daily Allowance for Calcium is as follows:

Adults 19-50, Men to age 70 – 1,000 milligrams per day

Women 51 years and older, Adults 70 and older – 1,200 milligrams per day



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