Hey guys…you knew things were rough…I am tied down with studying, workouts, new clients and a crap of ton of new rebranding that is taking up all my time.  I can’t blog about something that will take me hours…but I can talk to you about how freaked out I am!!!

Yes….I am FREAKED OUT!  Freaked out to the point where I am not sure that I can study anymore.  I have managed to psych myself out on every level possible.  Studying actually has been going well.  What’s freaking me out now?  The fact that in a month, I could be in charge of client’s meals, meal planning…AND WORKOUTS!   I can speak to this stuff all day long.  I can tell someone to balance cardio, weights…oh wait, now I may be responsible to actually guiding them through that????!!!!  I’m supposed to come up with the exercises, timing and frequency?  I can no longer just tell them to do one of Jake’s videos…crap…see what I mean?  I’m their “Jake” Everything I’ve known and experienced as a fitness client has come from him.  I know that I am not him, but my clients expect me to emulate him…why?  Because he’s my trainer, he’s my motivation and drive.  Thing is…if I’m right, Jake wouldn’t want me to train like him, he’d want me to utilize what he’s taught me and have enough self confidence in myself to come up with programs for my clients…except, it’s not that easy.  This exam is only a small part of what I really need to know.  My road to being a great trainer hasn’t even begun.  This test is just a passport entry into a world that I know as a client, but now have to learn as a teacher.  I work, live and study in the gym alongside my other client work, I know that it’s only going to get crazier once I pass the exam.  Every trainer has to pass some kind of standardized exam, but that doesn’t make them great.  Experience, drive, inspiration, creativity, the constant hunger to learn…the ability to ascertain, adapt and apply what you know to a client…you can’t learn this in my NASM textbook. My next few months will be the hardest lessons I will learn and the toughest exams I will face…and there’s no way to study for those.  Maybe this written exam isn’t so bad after all?

In all seriousness, I will be head down for the next few weeks, but call me, text me, message me…just check-in.  I could use all the encouragement, support and love I can get. I’ll try and keep you guys updated through social media, but if not, know that I am working hard to be the best I can be for you guys.  Thanks so much for being on this road with me and for all the love and support I’ve gotten over these last 3 years as I’ve transitioned.  Thanks for never losing faith even when I faltered and for always having my back when I wasn’t looking.  Being the best version of yourself…I might be my own toughest client. 🙂


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