The Not-Blog, Blog

So basically, I have no time….between studying, workouts, clients, Valentine’s Day and my sick dog Gracie…there is no time to do much of anything, especially devote time to a blog that takes 3 hours to write.  No Terra’s Kitchen today…maybe next week, unless of course, President’s Day become a hassle.  Just Kidding.   But if there was ever a day I needed a clone, today would be it….!

Studying is going well, sort of…Chapter 10 has kicked my butt so hard, I am all the way back in Chapter 5 looking terms up again.  I’m slightly behind with the way the weeks have been, but I have enough time to catch up and be ready for the exam in a MONTH…Yeah….in ONE month…I’m either going to have CPT credentials…or I won’t.  No pressure.  I’ve realized I need to change my studying style a little bit more as the stuff I’m learning now isn’t about definitions and regurgitation of static information.  It’s all hands on, live experience stuff that I have observed in the gym…I need to start being a little more active and finally ask my resources for help…GULP!  Monica, yes, there are things you can’t master on your own…deal with it.

My workouts continue as they are…still challenging myself with new ways to up my game, introduce new types of workouts.  As I study, I learn more about more about my body and how it reacts.  I know my weaknesses better now, so I look for workouts that help strengthen what I need.  I love strength training again, after last month, so it’s always a staple now.  I am bringing more boxing back in, there’s nothing better for my core and basically, it’s full body.  I work 30 mins on the bag, 30 mins spar with a partner learning defense as much as striking.  It really helps to understand and anticipate what might be coming at you and then knowing how to get around it!  Learning is living, and I’m certainly doing both to the fullest.

Valentine’s Day…I hate it and I love it.  For those of you pouting about what you didn’t get or not having someone to share it with…2 words…SELF LOVE.  Buy yourself something nice, make yourself a nice dinner, pamper yourself with a bath and some bubbly…you don’t need someone else to do it for you.  Cherish who you are, love yourself…it’s the only way someone else will love you.  Just sayin’.  For those of you that got the world…you only need to post it once, and I don’t need multiple angles of it.  I posted my gift…once.  At this point, I don’t know if I will post my dinner…but if I do, I will post once.  I hope I don’t hate you for over saturation of mush…I can only take so much.

My boo, Gracie is sick…puking everywhere.  Vet says wait it out until tomorrow…she can’t eat or drink water until later.  She hates me right now because she can’t drink water, I keep saying no to her, she keeps puking, I keep doing laundry…she thinks she’s done something wrong.  It’s so hard some times.  Fingers crossed and prayers it’s just a bug.

So, this is my non-blog, blog…have a great HUMP DAY!

See you next week!


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