SIXTY. 28 Days………………..

So as you all know, I was supposed to do a review on Terra’s Kitchen…it’s done, but I wanted to take a break from review blogs and give you an update blog instead.  As most of you know, I am knee deep in studying for my CPT exam, plus my client work…I didn’t need to add having to come up with a workout plan for January to my weekly checklist.  I also realized coming off my December Grinch calendar, my head hurt too much to even think about another month’s worth of workouts.  I also saw that I looked a little on the comfortable side, not too tone, but not flabby…just sitting pretty in the middle.  There’s only one person that knows how to kick my butt into gear…you guessed it….JAKE!  He has this amazing website that has workout programs specially designed for different fitness levels…now I know he has videos on YouTube, but he doesn’t really tell you which ones to do on what days for maximum results.  Looking through his 3 programs, I saw that the 4-week elite was the most intense and also focused a lot on strength training…a 4-week crash course…I’m in.  I hate strength training…it’s a necessary evil that I mentally talk myself out of so much…this program was perfect for me.  So, here it is….my 28 days…!

DAY 1:  1000 Rep Dumbbell Strength Training, Bodyweight HIIT Crazy Chaos


1000 freaking reps…right out of the gate.  This is a joke, right?  I’m not the one adding that extra “0”, right?  Anyone?  Please tell me that’s 100, not 1,000.  Crap.  Of course, since I am still trying to get my new year schedule in order, I start this workout at a rare 8pm.  I decide that I won’t do the crazy bodyweight, so I run a quick 2 miles to warm up because I wasn’t going to be able to move after.  This was no joke, one of the hardest things I had done in a 90-minute period.  Yes, that’s 90 minutes of dumbbells…10 exercises, 20 reps, 5 cycles…yuck.  I took a million breaks, changed out my weights from 8’s & 5’s to 6’s and 3’s.  I went home that night and slept like a log.

DAY 2:  Bodyweight HIIT, Low Impact Dumbbells – Balance & Core, 10 Min Abs


Since I could barely lift my arms or move my legs, I decided to do a recovery swim and bike ride first?  I am still questioning that thought process.  Nonetheless, I cringed picking up those weights, but got through it.  I was totally regretting this program already.

DAY 3:  Kickboxing with Dumbbell Strength Training, Crazy Bodyweight Combinations


There was no way I was doing the dumbbell part.  I made an executive decision to just kick the crap out of that Fairtex bag…bare knuckles and all.  I was really stressed out that day so the boxing was just what I needed.  The crazy bodyweight is just that…you lose count of reps because each exercise has 15 parts and then finally he says ok, that’s Rep 1.  No sir, that is Rep 15 in my book.

DAY 4:  Lower Body Beatdown, Upper Body Dumbbells, Unique Abs


This morning I woke up and decided I was going to take a rest day.  I hadn’t worked out these muscles this intensely since well…MAY??  I don’t know.  I messaged Jake and he wouldn’t let it slide, he guilted my butt straight into the gym.  I did some treadmill interval training to start because my legs were the only things that were functioning.  I warmed up to the dumbbells, yet again.  Finally, my piece de resistance was that beautiful plank…even Jake couldn’t criticize.  My rest day turned into kick-butt day.  🙂

DAY 5:  Cardio HIIT with Kickboxing, INTENSE Dumbbells


I did not do the Cardio HIIT, I swapped out a swim instead to keep with my own regimen, something that Jake was ok with and was a comparable substitute.  I was completely done with the dumbbells, I mean come on…every day this week.  I was over it.

DAY 6:  Insane Strength Training, Bodyweight, 15 Minute Core


I didn’t do any of this today.  I was allowed to go hiking for 3 hours to make up for not touching a dumbbell or doing a crunch.  Fact is, hiking in itself is a huge workout that utilizes all your muscles.  This was a welcome change, I was starting to get a little stir crazy in the gym.

DAY 7:  OPTIONAL – Butt & Hamstrings Workout


Today is a day where I probably should have taken off.  Not only did I not do this workout, I decided to do something more challenging.  Jake does a live video feed workout every Sunday at 7:30am CST, today was the soul baring, Extreme Evolution Training.  I can’t even explain the deep depths of this training.  It’s non-stop, it’s intense, it’s freaking nuts.  So much for lazy Sunday as I went for a 2-mile warm up run at an 8-min pace…I’m such a sucker.

DAY 8:  HIIT Dumbbell Strength, Power Core


I had a crap day in the gym today.  I was going on 9 days in a row, and I was just beat.  Oddly, it’s one of my favorite screenshots, but God help me it was not a pretty sight thereafter.  I was really tired of the dumbbells and almost decided to cut out the next few days of them.  The tempo was 60/10…not that it mattered.

DAY 9: Bodyweight HIIT, Bodyweight Strength, Unique Abs


I had to re-read today’s workout 5 times to believe that I didn’t have to touch dumbbells.  I got the dance studio to myself and finished Bodyweight HIIT, but doing those donkey kicks got me in the mood to work on my handstands, which I did for the next 25 mins!  I can finally hold multiple handstands for 5-10 seconds!  Core POWER baby!  Building on that, I wanted to try out my ballet skills and I worked on turns and leaps and never did the Bodyweight Strength…hey, I was still working out, just doing my own thing!  I still get some great height on my leaps 🙂  Today was a blast!   I did to the core work, begrudgingly.

DAY 10:  Tabata Bodyweight, HIIT Bodyweight Abs


So, yesterday I relived my days as a dancer…today my hips and legs reminded me that I am no longer a dancer.  I rode for 30 mins, 10 miles…good pace, loosened up my hips and legs…no tabata for me…but I sweated buckets!  I also saw the changes in my shoulders today since Day 1.  I was already looking leaner.  I also changed up the protein in my diet, but I was always hungry.  No dumbbells again today…dare I say it?  I missed them.

DAY 11:  Insane HIIT Bodyweight, Spartan 300 Dumbbells, 1o Min HIIT Core


I spoke to soon…they’re baaaaaaack!  300 reps it is!  Better than 1000.   I swam 1/4 mile today instead of the Bodyweight and Core….still trying to keep my swim regimen up and properly inserted.  Again though, like last week, my muscles were beat for the week.

DAY 12:  Intense Bodyweight Cardio, Tabata Abs


I had to get this one in early and quick.  I didn’t go to the gym and just got right through this stuff!  People take Fridays off, I don’t.  I was 12 days in a row, no rest…not quitting now.

DAY 13:  Dumbbell Strength Training, Killer Legs, Core Workout


I had to use wine bottles today to work out.  It’s a rat race on Saturday mornings for dumbbells at the gym.  Jake always says that even just using bodyweight is effective.  I love, love, LOVED the killer legs workout!  It was old school and reminded me of when I first started training with Jake!  Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it still doesn’t kill!

DAY 14:  OPTIONAL: Uncommon Core


Zzzzzzzz…, nothing.  I had nothing left in the tank.  Much needed.

DAY 15:  1,000 Rep Bodyweight,  Tabata Kickboxing


So, I woke up today feeling really good…and then I read that I have 1,000 reps to do…doesn’t he know a number between 300 and 1000??  What about 500?  700?  However, I will say, my body felt great!  I had great energy and really loved that workout.  I hate to admit it, but I had a great time doing it, I paced myself properly.  I couldn’t figure out if it was me getting stronger, or the rest day that made it seem that way.  Tabata kickboxing didn’t happen, space issue at the gym…I ran instead, 3 miles – intervals.  Eh, kept my heart rate moving just the same, but not nearly as stress relieving as boxing would have been.

DAY 16: Spartan 300 Total Body, Bodyweight Cardio, 100 Rep Abs


Two things today…the new weight room at the gym was open…GORGEOUS!  And I started to add my rides to my workouts, not substitute.  This answers my question from yesterday, I was definitely getting stronger and my body finally started to adjust.  I did a ride variation to warm up, 20 minutes at 1.75x my bodyweight.  I took up my dumbbell weights to 10’s, 12’s and even 20’s.  I breezed through the bodyweight and the 100 ab reps.

DAY 17:  Dumbbells, Insane Bodyweight Cardio, Standing Abs


The dumbbells are no longer an issue for me anymore, I’ve just accepted it…doesn’t mean I like it.  I have to say standing ab work is awesome!  I adore this workout for so m any reasons…it’s fun, effective, different from the norm but mostly I love how awkward it can look to others in the gym.  The reactions were priceless!  In all seriousness, I love the core work shake up, I was getting a little tired of twisted scissors.

DAY 18:  HIIT Bodyweight, Dumbbells Strength, Balance/Butt/Core


I switched the dumbbells to upper body on weight machines, mainly because they were so new and pretty and were calling to me.  Also, there was no room and I wanted to have my own gun show.  I wanted to take up the balance workout a notch and decided to do the whole thing on a foam pad.  I paid for it the next day, but it was totally worth it.  I also decided to add about 20 minutes of ballet moves on that foam pad…same concept, prettier moves 🙂
DAY 19:  Bodyweight HIIT, Bodyweight Strength


Bodyweight Day….it’s become rather routine now…so I decided to throw in a 1/2-mile swim.  My endurance was building and I wanted to see how much stronger I was getting in the water.

DAY 20:  Chaos Kickboxing, 250 Pushups, 15 minute Abs


HA!  The hardest day I had…I know I’ve said that now like 3 times, but this was some serious stuff.  The 250 most OBNOXIOUS push=ups ever.  10 different kinds, 25 reps each…the ones you don’t finish get tacked on to the 10th version, standard push-up…in addition to the 25 of those you have to do.  I ended up having to do 80 freaking standard push-ups.  I don’t care what anyone says, push-ups are still the benchmark of strength for me.  It’s so simple, but it’s a facade.  I can’t stress enough how important mastering a push-up is.  Really…test yourself, see how well you fare.

DAY 21:  Butt & Core


Why can’t he just write Glutes?  Anyhow, I did nothing of that sort, I sat on my butt and ate until I couldn’t see my core.

DAY 22:  Bodyweight HIIT, Strength Dumbbells, Low Impact Balance Dumbbells, Cardio Abs


Jake is not messing around this week.  I actually asked him if this week was supposed to be this ridiculous, stupid question.  Up until now, it was a pretty tame daily schedule.  I was nervous, to be honest.  I also had to allocate more time than I was used to get it done.  I will say, as tough as it was to get through, it really ends up measuring how much work you put into the first 3 weeks.  If you cheated, you aren’t going to make it today…a truly amazing workout to test my limits and my honesty.

DAY 23:  Low Impact Tabata Kickboxing, HIIT Cardio, 100 Rep Abs


I hurt myself today…tweaked my hip a bit.  I got a little excited and ambitious with my kicks, but hey, it was fun!  I got through the rest with pain and slower than I wanted.  I had a huge foam rolling and stretch session afterwards.

DAY 24:  Crazy Bodyweight Combos, Dumbbell Strength, Spartan 300 Bodyweight, 10 Min Abs


Here we go with the 20 steps per rep thing again…between spiders, cobras and whatever else…sheesh.  At least my hip felt better.  300 reps now is a warm-up…the numbbells were just that…numbing….10 min abs?  Why the heck not?

DAY 25:  Evil Legs, Dumbbell Upper Body, HIIT Chaos, Abs


Literally, a pain in my butt.  There is no reason for anyone to squat that much in an hour.  However, I did find this workout the easiest of the week…which is saying A LOT.  This was a rest day compared to the last 2.

DAY 26: Runner HIIT, Kickboxing, Chaos Abs

I have done this Runner HIIT workout regularly while I was marathon training.  It is quite possibly the best warm-up, endurance building and recovery workout in one.  You can do this one at any point in your race training, it’s that amazing.  Jake, come up with a new one of these come race season, I need a new one!  I added 10 more minutes onto it accidentally because I started to come up with my own exercises, I was that vested into this one.

DAY 27:  Dumbbell Strength, Bodyweight HIIT, Spartan 300 Strength, Uncommon Core


I figured that we would start repeating a few videos, but I will say that I really liked the variety of strength exercises today.  Some were the same, but different amongst the videos.  The exercises were tweaked just a little to make them different from the previous time I did them.  I used heavier weights to challenge myself more.  I love that I had gotten to the point to be able to power through strength workouts, but also be motivated enough still to take it up a few pounds.   However, I didn’t want to push it…I knew what tomorrow had in store.

DAY 28:  OPTIONAL:  FINAL DAY!  Insane Bodyweight, 1,000 Rep Strength


Yep, this one I was not sitting out.  First of all, ARE YOU JOKING??!!  Second, NO, you are Jake and you are ridiculous…not surprised you have the full intention of killing me on the last day of this program.  What’s sad is that something called INSANE Bodyweight was my warm-up.  Now, the 1,000 reps..I am going to kick myself for this one…LOVED IT.  Loved why he put it in there, loved that it was so much easier to get through it.  Loved that it truly measured how far I came and pointed out what I still need to work on.  I actually shed a tear when I finished my last 20 reps…I was so tired, elated and proud of myself.  Truly.  I don’t think there was a better workout to end these 4 weeks with…Bravo, Jake!


I know you guys think that Jake can do no wrong in my eyes and this program was perfect.  There were certain days I didn’t care for the workout and some days I was just bored.  I didn’t like those days where I was doing the same moves in 2 different videos, just different tempos.  Some things did get too repetitive and Week 3 was really tough to get through.  Week 4, as mean as it was, at least held my attention and I finished strong.  I know these programs are still WIP, so my immediate feedback is that some of the repetition could create a loss of interest in this program.  It’s hard enough to stay motivated throughout all this as it is, variety is the spice of life!  Now, as for me, this was the best thing I could have done for myself in January.  I feel stronger than ever and look more tone than I have in months.  Physically, this program is grueling and you will be sore every day.  But that’s not the hardest part…mentally sticking with it was the worst part for me.  Training for 4 weeks with Jake in the gym was peanuts compared to this…why?  Because he wasn’t pushing me, holding me accountable and watching my reps.  I couldn’t mindlessly just walk in, work out and leave.  Self-motivation is the hardest thing to learn and the worst thing to sustain.  Fighting the urge to cheat on reps, not do one of the components of that day or just not go at all…there’s no one to tell you otherwise.  The whole outcome of this program relies solely on you and your drive.  The results are what you put into it, and you are the only one that can control it.  I think that may have been Jake’s whole mission all along…building mental strength makes you an elite at anything. The muscles…they are just a byproduct.  Kudos, Jake.  Mission accomplished.

Check out Jake’s website and his in-house training promotions below!

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Relentles Fit 365 Website



See you all next week!



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