Confident Powerful Teacher

Crazy Physical Torture

Caring Passionate Theorist

Certified Personal Trainer

So, what do all those have in common?  The letters? The number of words?  Spelling Bee practice? Crossword answers?  

Fact is, all 4 phrases are synonymous with one another.  They can be used interchangeably, in any combination, and the meaning is still the same.  If you had asked me what I thought a personal trainer was taught to do before I had one, I’d say they learned exercises.  If you asked me the same question, after 2 years with Jake, I’d say he learned how to balance those exercises and learned about nutrition, with the inkling that there is something more to that.  Thing is, most people have no idea exactly what trainers are trained to do.  Some think they are just there to spot you in the weight room, while others think that they are just aerobics instructors.  Most of you know that I am studying right now to take my CPT exam in March…THIS STUFF IS HARD!  

Listen, no, I didn’t think that I was going to read a book with chapters on different types of push-ups.  I’m not that ignorant.  However, what I didn’t know is that I wasn’t even getting to the training part even after the first 5 chapters!  I am still learning about joints, tendons, phalanges and fatty acids.  I maybe thought I was going to get a crash course on the human body in Chapter 2.  No.  I am on Chapter 5 where I am finally done with the body systems and now learning about the chemical makeup of fatty acids and calories.  I sometimes think I’m taking a cross between organic chemistry, human biology and anatomy.  I mean, after high school and having a business major in college, I never thought I would see the word, mitochondria again..aka, the powerhouse of the cell.

 I’m flabbergasted at how challenging these past few weeks and chapters have been.  I’ve had to do ALOT of digging into the old mental archives to refresh some of the basics, as I have learned the muscles and bones of the body.  There is so much new stuff though that I never learned in a high school biology class!  I never knew the names of certain joints and their relative function between the muscles and bones surrounding those joints.  How certain tendons are responsible for why my arms feel like jelly or my legs give out after a strenuous workout.  I thought it was pure exhaustion and nothing more, which it is, but now I know why.  The intricate movement of muscle fibers that separate the flexible from the non-flexible and even the reason why Jake makes me stretch the way I do makes so much more sense.  Truth be told, I thought sometimes he was just making stuff up.  So basically, there is a method to his madness!  I’m so sorry I ever doubted you!

Now, I am finally starting chapters on body chemistry, nutrition and food!  Of course, this is only 2 chapters, but the main reason why I am even certifying.  NASM requires me to be CPT certified because of my lack of previous professional fitness experience or education; for me to get the certification I am really after…Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS).  As a private chef, I have rebranded and now focus my niche on clients that are looking for meal planning, meal prep, race prep, weight loss or just someone that wants to maintain a fitness/healthy lifestyle.  I want to educate people on proper balance not just with exercise and diet, but the balance within their diets specifically.  I want to help people plan their weekly meals without the use of fad diets and trends, but to look for that nutrition within whole foods.  Nothing can replace the power of protein from a perfectly cooked piece of salmon.  Which bring me to my next point, eating healthy doesn’t have to look like a pile of crap and doesn’t have to be what you give your pet bunny, Nibbles.  Basically, food isn’t an enemy, diet isn’t always a solution…finding that common ground is what matters most.

I don’t know if I am going to train clients or not, it’s not something I have decided.  Some say I will make a great trainer and sometimes I think it’ll take too much away from my first love of food.  At this point, I still have more than 60% of the course left and haven’t even gotten to the “training” part.  I want to pass that test, as I have already read horror stories of how hard it is and for some the hardest exam they have ever taken.  I am hoping that already having being exposed to the training world for so long, I have a unique perspective already in place that can only help me through this.  I am excited to see how my fitness journey will continue and where it’ll eventually end up.  I have learned a lot, but more so I have gained this enormous respect for Jake, Ryan and James and for all CPTs…the muscles on your body are nothing compared to the ones you use every day to make sure your clients are challenged, motivated, informed and of course, balanced. 

For those of you that have been following me and my workouts on social media, check out  Jake’s site for workouts, recipes, nutrition tips and more!!!  

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Back to meal boxes next week!! Marley Spoon is on deck!!


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2 thoughts on “FIFTY-SEVEN. C.P.T

  1. It was always a pleasure to have you in the training studio. Now I am excited to see you take your fitness passion and share it with others! You’re a true inspiration to me and I very proud to call you my friend and client!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jake! We are often product of our environment. You surrounded me with a passion for fitness, a commitment to nutrition and a respect for a healthy lifestyle…drive motivation and inspiration. Thank you.


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