OMG….!!!  Technology is officially making my life a nightmare!  I mean, I get that I can send emails, google something, navigate through Chicago and talk to my mom all at the same time because of technology…but the problem is when fails, it brutally fails us…or do we fail it?  Whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, the moment we can’t use them, we don’t know what to do anymore.  We don’t know where a pen is, paper is like a foreign object and a phone with a cord is vintage.  Forget the actual apparatuses, when we don’t get an email, text, phone call or voicemail…we freak out, get pissed and turn on each other for not following up!  It’s such a crapshoot.  But…what part do we play in all this?

The Apparatuses.

Blue screen of death, file with frowny face, that loading circle that just goes around and round and round…all signs of impending doom.  It makes me want to throw my laptop at the wall, because doing that would solve the issue and not create a bigger catastrophe.  I mean I can’t stand how frustrating it is and seriously have started contemplating how much longer it would take me to just hand write something and send it via snail mail.  My iPad sometimes just shuts down and that white apple with a bite in it just stares at me and mocks me for not letting me back in to play Two Dots.  My phone decides not to sync with my cloud drive and I lose all my pics from Baconfest 2012, possibly the best day of my career thus far.  WHY?  

Why do we ask technology why it fails?!! Did you ever think that we may be failing technology?  Why don’t I backup my files more often from my laptop?  Why didn’t I upload the new iOS on my iPad?  Why didn’t I save those pics somewhere else or email them to myself if they were that important?  Just because technology can do this all for us doesn’t mean we aren’t accountable ourselves.  Which makes me even angrier because that pretty much means that I could have prevented some of this stuff.  Yes, SOME…not all, a freak breakdown does occur every so often without rhyme or reason that is not preventable.  How well do we take care of the very devices that we want everything from?  We throw our laptops and tablets in our bags, hop on trains, bikes and meddle in crowds…constantly shaking that thing.  We toss our phones into purses and pockets…God knows what hell that thing is going through…and of course it’s the first thing that falls on to the floor when we have 10 things in our hands.  We get mad AT THE PHONE for cracking or not turning on after WE drop it in the toilet….and we blame the device because?????? Yeah, I feel a little stupid now…not enough to stop yelling at my laptop right now as it is taking me a million years to type this one sentence because my browser is slow…shouldn’t have postponed that last Windows Update.  Oh, the irony.


Why didn’t you answer my text?  Where is the reply to my email?  I swear I saved my file in this folder!  I NEVER GOT YOUR CALL!!!  What voicemail????  Yeah, it’s the worst.  Where does all this stuff go????  WHERE?  I mean for years I’ve been missing emails, swearing to God that I saved that file in My Documents and wondering why people are ignoring me and not returning my calls.  WHERE ARE ALL THESE MESSAGES GOING??  LaLa Land.  I am truly convinced there is a place where everything missing or vague is sitting.  This didn’t just start with technology…remember those letters to Santa you wrote that went to the North Pole??  LaLa Land.  Those paper bills that never came and your water got shut off, LaLa Land.  Those packages that are “delivered” but somehow you don’t have them?  LaLa Land.  I seriously picture this guy up there wearing my Victoria’s Secret order, listening to my lost headphones from Amazon and chuckling at this hilarious meme that my friend sent me that I never got.  There is nothing more aggravating than not receiving a message, package or letter…EXCEPT when you are blamed for not responding!!  

Listen, I hate being ignored as much as the rest of you.  I hate that I can see that you read my Facebook message and get annoyed when you don’t answer my question.  I hate that I can’t tell when my texts are read, so I have no idea if and when you got that message.  I hate that I come to conclusion that you are ignoring me because I didn’t get a response back.  Why didn’t I ask if you got my message first? Why did I assume you did and that you chose not to answer me?  Why didn’t I send it again in case you didn’t get it?  It’s not just us, why did the utility company shut off the water?  Because they think you got the notices and ignored them.  Nothing changes, no one follows up, it’s always a conclusion before an inquiry is made.  Only after you tell someone you didn’t receive something, you might get pardoned for not reacting.  Your water gets turned back on, your friend isn’t mad anymore and maybe you get a replacement for the package that was lost.  However, for those of you that ignore my texts and I can see that you did, you’re dead to me. 

It’s funny, when I began this rant, I was so pissed! My computer was acting weird, my iPad kept restarting, my phone was being stupid, my Amazon order was all screwed up and quite frankly I was done with all of this.  As I wrote this blog, I realized how much of this I could have maybe prevented…how I contributed to some of the mishaps…I definitely didn’t need to chew out Michael from Akron working for Amazon.  Even though we can’t control a blue screen or a message stuck in LaLa Land, we can prevent certain technological failures and can control how we initially react.  At the end of the day, we won’t win because our reliance on technology outweighs common sense…which is where we blue screen.


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