FIFTY-TWO. Chapter One.

Wow.  One year.  It’s been a year of my thoughts, rants, reviews, experiences, memories, lists and whatever else I could spew out.  Some weeks I was writing in a coffee shop, on my balcony…and even on a beach.  I never skipped a week, but did take some time off.  As I look back at my blogs and the topics discussed, I laugh at how certain things pissed me off back then, that I don’t even concern myself with now.  It’s been a year of change…evolution…the one thing that I preached Week 1…the only thing that has remained constant.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…shall we?

  1. 177074_10151054950500124_173414451_o  ONE. – My first blog entry…I’m still evolving…I haven’t veered from my mission statement, and I think I almost embody it more now that I did then.
  2. Vegan 1    TWO. Level With Me – So, as I have become a more nutrition driven chef, I must say that I have a better understanding of the Vegan lifestyle.  I adapt a ton of my recipes for vegan clients.  However, I still don’t get the 5 types and the cheese…there is no way I am using that crap.
  3. Kris and i blog   THREE. Bring It On – So, as I have evolved as a chef, I’ve also evolved in fitness.  Since leaving Jake and my training gym, it’s been me, myself and I.  The challenges may have changed a bit, but the fact that I challenge myself still has not nor ever will.  This time, I create my own goals, obstacles and paths to success.  I can still do that push-up, maybe not as many pull-ups…but I can run 26.2 miles and swim a mile now 😉
  4. candy 14  FOUR. Sugar Coated – Yeah no, this is still gross to me.  Not to mention I just found pickled flavored Candy Canes.  I thought maybe it was a joke, or maybe even an electrolyte supplement…but no, it’s stupidity at its finest.
  5.  2015-12-29 11.59.30  FIVE. Resolve to Commit – This one makes me smile.  Your first race, no matter what the miles are, is the most coveted.  13.1 miles still stands taller than this year’s 26.2  Never forget where you started and always stay grounded, it’s made me appreciate all the milestones I have accomplished because I always compare them to the feeling I had crossing that finish line in Nashville.
  6. 2016-01-05 14.38.14  SIX. Swine With Me – Ahhh, bacon.  I still love it, will always love it and will always eat it.   I think the obsession is finally dying down to the point where the edible bacon G-String is no longer a thing.  I think.  I just hope we can get back to smoking meat and frying it too.
  7. 12544745_10153205491315124_1384848423_o  SEVEN. Feelin’ Jaundiced – Hahaha!  I love this blog.  I honestly loved my rant on this one.  I still hate that health nuts and holistic fitness freaks think they invented it.  They didn’t, they never have and don’t ever believe that they did.  However, I brewed green tea with fresh turmeric and ginger weekly during my marathon training and it saved me!  So, as much as I love the benefits, I hate the commercial hype.
  8. 2016-01-19 18.00.16   EIGHT. McBleccchh!! – Yeah, no….this is still not ok with me.  McDonald’s is still gross and unless they are butchering a cow back there, I don’t want to even hear it.  SHUT UP.
  9. Desert-Island-Magic-Wand  NINE. It’s Not A Fairytale – This is still 100% my life.  I don’t plan my vacations around when I have to be in a tight dress or bikini.  I no longer workout for that reason because I am always ready for that.  My motivation to workout is to keep me sane, challenge my mind and keep my heart healthy.  The rest…that comes with the territory.  Honestly though, I still wear Spanx if I need to and I have no problem showing off my food belly…it is what it is 😉
  10. 0ap3000000481138  TEN. Not So Super – Since I haven’t been through another Super Bowl yet, I can’t say things have gotten better.  However, seeing what I have during the holidays now…it’s not going to.  You can’t take people away from their spray cheese.
  11. scolding mom  ELEVEN. Be Careful What You Wish For – Ok, so this piggyback #8 with McDonalds.  Burger King has Cheetos Chicken Fries.  I rest my case…and my stomach.  BLECH!
  12. poop  TWELVE. “FooDoo” – Things are getting better here!  I see better pics of vegan food and even healthy foods!  People are realizing that fruit and veggies have color and can photograph beautifully!  I don’t know why they still can’t get oatmeal right…and those of you that love chia seeds…your pics look like multiplying ant colonies at a picnic.  NOT ATTRACTIVE.
  13.   globe-fork THIRTEEN. Encore! – This one still takes me down my own food journey.  I still cherish those experiences I have had with food.  I have vowed to travel more again in the next year and for the purpose of food.  I want to write another biopic food journey, it makes me salivate just thinking about it!
  14.   20160301_170303-1  FOURTEEN. Chew On That – Hehehehe!  I laugh because I do actually have a bar that I LOVE!  I still don’t eat the ones I bashed in this review, but since then I’ve seen SO MANY MORE on the market that you may see a new review soon!  I am obsessed with Think Thin Bars…Salted Caramel. DONE>
  15. Full Bar   FIFTEEN. Bottoms Up!–  This one is weird.  I have definitely revised my own alcohol intake though the year.  I don’t drink beer much at all and mostly white wine now.  I still love my reds, but I drink them consciously.  Marathon training really changed my thought process on drinking.
  16.  20160304_124003-1  SIXTEEN. Rest Day –  I still stand by taking time when you need it.  I refuse to put out crap whether it’s the blog, kitchen or even the gym.  Respect yourself and your body, it’s not lying to you…and when you do, it returns the favor two-fold and is there for you when you need it most.  Take care of yourself…ALWAYS.  , And yes, my dog, Chloe still sleeps like that.
  17. 12874280_10153339376900124_1857328429_o  SEVENTEEN. Relentless Is A Lifestyle – This one is bittersweet now.  I never thought I would be on my own, especially when I wrote this blog celebrating 2 years with Jake and Relentless Fit 365.  The thing is that, if I were going to evolve, I had to go out on my own to ensure that fitness was my life now, not still an expected attendance.  Since I left, I’ve realized how much more “RELENTLESS” I am than when I was there, because now it comes from inside me, not just what I am told.  You can’t run a marathon, design your own workouts and start training for a triathlon being anything less than.  Thank you, Jake.   Trust me, there will be a year 3 blog where I celebrate it all just as much.
  18.  Top-10-Benefits-of-Drinking-Water-Follow-and-Enjoy EIGHTEEN. H2KNOW – I am still a purist with water.  Hydration is become such an importance to me now, that I am even more inclined to tell you to drink straight up water.  Watermelon water was a discovery I made this summer that I just can’t let go of. The natural flavors, potassium, citrulline, lycopene, vitamin C…without all the added sugar just makes this my go to at all times.  If you don’t like watermelon…sorry.
  19. enhanced-15583-1432653147-2  NINETEEN. Hmm, What Do I Eat? – The great part about this blog is that back then, I only preached it, hardly practiced it.  Now, not only do I practice it, I am selling it AND getting certified to professionally talk about it.  Meal planning is the most amazing thing that a person can do for themselves…health conscious or not.  I can’t wait to write more about this as I go through my certification!
  20.  Plated - Copy  TWENTY. Plated, TWENTY-ONE. Hello Fresh, TWENTY-TWO. Blue Apron – Meal boxes…still love the concept.  The market is now flooded with new entrants, I will be doing a whole new set of reviews on three new companies starting January 2017!  Stay tuned!
  21. hellofresh-logo  TWENTY-ONE. Hello Fresh – See Above
  22. blue apron  TWENTY-TWO. Blue Apron – See Above
  23. multifacted-generation  TWENTY-THREE. Wha Happened?!?! – Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t go away.  I see the entitlement just get worse.  I am not caving into this crap and hold my ideals high, so if you want the easy way out…I’m not your woman.
  24. 20160510_130401  TWENTY-FOUR. #35 – HAHA!  YES!! The jury is still out on this one…still livin’ up 35 like I’m 20! 😉
  25. vIqJXj8gTpuxIys8h2KF_movies_gremlins_gizmo_movie_stills_1440x900_36844  TWENTY-FIVE. Gizmo Gives Back! – This was the first of my marathon blogs.  This set the stage back in May for my feat…little did I know what was next.  As you all know, I accomplished my goal…but not without its own saga.
  26.  wp-1464147703512.jpg  TWENTY-SIX. Respite – Burnout…it happens on so many levels.  It will happen again, I am not shy about it AT ALL.  Embrace it, deal with it, move on from it.
  27. 20160531_141446  TWENTY-SEVEN. Summer Bucket List – Well, this was fun.  I scored 50%.  I will be doing a new list…this time though, I’m aiming for a 75% success rate!  I have a new plan! 😉
  28. Main-Dining-Room-Interior-Design-of-The-Signature-Room-at-95th-Restaurant-Chicago  TWENTY-EIGHT. A Diner’s Mutiny – I still encounter the same crap.  I don’t get it.  Some days, it feels like things are getting worse.  This industry is close to my heart, this one stings a bit still.
  29. junk_food_crop  TWENTY-NINE. My Normal Addictions – I don’t eat fries and fried cheese much at all anymore, thank you 26.2.  I can’t get enough gummy bears now that I have found ones made from agave, honey and have vitamins!  Some things never change.
  30. nf1  THIRTY – Walking The Streets – There is no hope for this.  As long as I live in the city, I can’t avoid this.  Maybe this year I can write about how to maneuver and cope with this catastrophe.
  31. 13502773_10153535036740124_4267637268795941361_o  THIRTY-ONE. Because I Can –  Family first…life first!  Nothing is worth that sacrifice.  This was a huge part in my self-discovery this summer that changed me completely.
  32. scorpion-cake  THIRTY-TWO. Fear Factor – Calamari legs still freak me out…let’s not even discuss the banana…the rivalry still exists!!!  I have embraced the lakefront at night and even now love my runs at night.  As for everything bagels and smoothies…I don’t even bother.  Some things do change and others get worse…I hate bananas.
  33. csc-beer-fine  THIRTY-THREE. Suds R’ Us – Now, given my beer consumption has significantly reduced…I can’t say much.  However, anything on NITRO is fantastic…like fluffy marshmallows.
  34. received_10153585847775124.jpeg  THIRTY-FOUR. Bull By The Horns – Spontaneity…another lesson learned this summer.  I am not as calculated as people know me as.  This trip and what it symbolized still reverberates in every decision I make.
  35. 13839893_10153600634620124_491148185_o (1)  THIRTY-FIVE. Piece Of The Pie – There is so much more that I can write about!  This blog needed supplements…someday it will happen.
  36. 642x361-The_5_Best_Watermelon_Seed_Benefits  THIRTY-SIX. Happy National Watermelon Day!! – I love this still!  It’s November and I am still drinking watermelon water…’nuff said.
  37. 13775829_10153598819085124_6919908406530283360_n  THIRTY-SEVEN. You Do You – This might have been the most thought provoking blog I did.  I still read this to remind myself of the journey I have been on and how I got here.  I truly still believe that you must listen to yourself even if you aren’t sure if what you are thinking is even valid.  Fact is, if you are thinking it, it’s sustainable and needs to be given a chance.
  38. 13902657_10153649186065124_1784572104546530006_n  THIRTY-EIGHT. Man’s Best Friend – This one was a hard pill to swallow.  I still look at my Gracie and wonder what my life would be without her snores and kisses.  I can’t imagine it at all.  Both girls are due for a vet appointment in two weeks and I terrified that something else will come up…I can’t handle much more.
  39. OpeningCeremonyRio2016OlympicGames5H2016  THIRTY-NINE. Rio 2016: That’s A Wrap! – I don’t know, just glad this one is over.  I still marvel over the athletes and Simone Biles and Michael Phelps rewrote their respective sports.  Let’s see what magic comes to us from China!
  40. 20160830_142709  FORTY.  Betcha Can’t Just Eat One! – CHIPS!! Yes!  I am still on the hunt for new weird flavors.  I hope as I travel more, I can find local snack favorites and review them!  You know every country has their own version! 🙂
  41. 14192166_10153700073430124_507134995579398753_n  FORTY-ONE. Labor Day – The official end of summer and my final results on my summer bucket list.  Technically…I failed…but I failed WELL!  LOL!
  42. 14359815_10153721108420124_1465965855_o-1  FORTY-TWO – Gizmode, FORTY-THREE, FORTY-THREE, FORTY-FOUR – Marathon training posts.  For those that followed my journey, I am indebted to you for your support and love.  Meal planning, the mental anguish, the emotional rollercoaster…hardest short term journey I had every embarked on…and one the only one I never thought I would actually finish.  This changed my life forever.
  43. 20160920_183156  FORTY-THREE. Hangry and Confused, set_bette_midler_hocus_disney_main  FORTY-THREE. Focus Pocus – See Above…btw, I have 2 blogs with the same number!  NO ONE CAUGHT THAT!! Well, Jake…you did. 🙂
  44. 14610707_10153771663245124_1120162459_n  FORTY-FOUR – Six Degrees of Taper – See Above
  45. chicago-marathon-10-09-2016-37  FORTY-FIVE. 26.2 – I can’t say much to this one.  I still tear up thinking about those hours.  That personal battle that you have during that race is the rawest moment I have ever had in my life.  The places I had to pull from, the faces I was dying to see, the voices I was dying to hear to pull me through that race…I am choked up to even go on with this…sorry.
  46. 14786838_10153809406320124_894526211_o  FORTY-SIX. Writer’s Block – This one was well deserved…but oddly, it was still a lengthy blog about not writing one.  This is when I knew how gifted I really am. 😉
  47. received_10153988628707078  FORTY-SEVEN. Zzzzzzzzzzz – I knew I was going to be gone, best vacation ever!  Hammocks are the only way of life now.
  48. 14924079_10153846840895124_866602291_o  FORTY-EIGHT. Inevitable – This might have been the second through provoking blog I wrote.  I think with so much going on in my life, it rang more than true.  I still fear change at some moments, terrified that I am making the wrong decisions or that something I can’t control could ruin my life.  I must still learn how to look at change as blessings and embrace it more.
  49. 15044829_10153864531405124_1511521961_o  FORTY-NINE. Growing Up – We all have to do it someday, some of us will spend the rest of our days trying.  I just know that RB is my life and always will be.  I will nurture it, give it everything it needs and hopefully my little seedling will be a redwood with deep roots, standing tall amongst others.
  50. dd82ced9d35f1b15a30742cd40c37445  FIFTY – Your Body Will Thank You, FIFTY-ONE – I can’t even talk about Thanksgiving and all the crap that follows, too soon.
  51. evoke-stress-640x449  FIFTY-ONE. Holidaze – See Above


So, here I am at the end of #52.  I have to say that I would have quit this blog long ago if my life hadn’t evolved the way it did this past year.  A writer’s best friend is the life we live.  The experiences that shape our lives are the words that flood our thoughts that translate to wisdom we share with our readers.  I’ve written so much and about so much.  My vulnerability has become my ink.  My experiences are my paper.  I write with the emotion I feel on the moments I have endured.  I can’t wait for Chapter 2.  Thank you all so much for this amazing year of tears, laughs, anger, happiness, accomplishments, failures…but most importantly, thank you for letting me evolve.  Love You Guys.

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    1. Thanks Coach! True discipline and tenacity, something I know you are familiar with 🙂
      Your words mean a great deal to me. I can’t wait for you to read the next chapter!


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