THIRTY-FOUR. Bull By the Horns

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Greetings this morning from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!  Yes, I am in paradise, on a beach, with white sand beaches, turquoise water and of course, a cocktail with an umbrella in my hands!! 🙂  It’s amazing.

Now, many of you are going to ask why on earth am I working on vacation…well, it’s because less than 36 hours ago, this trip wasn’t even a thought.  I don’t do things like this, at least not is the recent past few years.  I never took the bull by the horns and just acted on a whim, a notion but more importantly, impulse.  Impulse often gets a bad connotation because it’s often deemed as careless, thoughtless and rash.  The synonym that makes it worse is impetuous, which just sounds like a rebel on a mission.  

Those that know me, know that I plan my showers 2 days in advance, I have spreadsheets and lists for EVERYTHING I do.  I create yes/no lists to make decisions on where to go for dinner!  That’s how methodical and analytical I am and have always been.  I’ve never been the girl to make the first move and always used to lecture those that did and those that lived their lives on the fly, thinking how someone can live such a flustered existence.  Thing is, as I’ve evolved over the course of this last year, more so after turning 35, I’ve realized it’s not fluster or confusion that brings on impulsiveness, it’s desire and hunger that does.  

I’ve done so many new things these last few months, most that I didn’t plan out or make a single spreadsheet on to analyze.  I did things because I WANTED to, because IT FELT RIGHT…the result, some of my best ideas ever, some of the best experiences ever!  I conquered fears and faced my own demons.  I traveled on a whim to a cottage in the middle of nowhere, cooked on a campfire all day and picked ticks out of my dogs after walking on the beach at sunset (ok, not the best moments there), I would NEVER have done something like this last year.  I’ve walked around the city thinking I’m going one place and went somewhere else because I saw an advertisement on the bus and wanted to go on an adventure.  I WANTED TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE….not I WANT TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE, SO LET ME PLAN IT OUT AND SCHEDULE IT 3 WEEKS FROM NOW.  It’s actually been one of the most liberating things I’ve done for myself, but this doesn’t mean I make every decision on impulse, I can’t get that carried away 😉  

Listen, for those of you that have thought about being more impulsive or have wished to be able to just take off when you felt like it, you can’t plan to be impulsive.  It comes from within, somewhere deep that fuels that fire inside you.  It’s the passion to live your life to the fullest and the strength you muster when you find that courage to just go after what you want.  You can’t fabricate it and you can’t fake it, but it’s there within everyone, it’s just a matter of what drives you to finally reach in and tap into it.  Maybe because I turned 35 or maybe because I feel more free-spirited this summer is the reason why I decide to take trips to exotic locations in less than 36 hours’ notice.  Whatever it may be, if you want to get on a plane to Paris, take a road trip to California or maybe it’s as simple as kissing your crush…. just do it.  Grab the bull by the horns.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some vacationing to do!  


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