THIRTY-ONE. Because I Can….

Hey guys!  Sooooo…..yeah……I started this week’s blog last week and totally had this plan to finish it before my niece came from India and I knew we were going to be crazy busy this week.  I started it, and then got invited on a 60 foot yacht on the most gorgeous summer night, so guess what, blog got shelved and I went on that boat….why?  Because I can….I even tried to finish it tonight after being on my feet with my niece for the last 4 days straight with 3 more to go, but guess what?  13556016_10153542119015124_1249229106_oI’m writing this 10 minute “excuse” note instead because we are busy listening to really stupid songs on Spotify and eating gummy bears…why?  Because I can… and SHOULD.  Just for insurance, I even asked Jake, who practices consistency more than he even preaches and he gave me a hall pass today…so on that note, I am going back to hanging with my niece and listen to more stupidly written songs on Spotify, eat more crap, most likely pass out on the couch with my bulldogs and basically just live life…why?  Because I can.

Since I won’t be blogging before July 4th, just remember to step back and enjoy the time you have off and surround yourself with what or whomever matters to you.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July and I promise I’ll have a good blog for you when I get back!

Cheers XoXo!!!


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