TWENTY-SEVEN. Summer Bucket List


“Summer, summer, summertime…time to sit back and unwind….”  Yeah, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince so had it right when they said it was a “natural aphrodisiac”. jazzyjefffreshprince.jpg I love this time of year, it feels comfortable and invigorating, unlike Spring where things are starting to roll but never quite get there.  I love the sun, the lakefront, and love that it’s still warm out when I leave a restaurant after dinner…. you all know what I mean by that, hate when it’s cold out after I just ate an amazing meal!  LOL!  With so much changing around me this past year or so, I definitely know that I am going to be changing my summer up this year, diversify, to be more precise.  Since Memorial Day just passed and it symbolizes the unofficial start of summer, I’d thought I’d share my summer bucket list 🙂

Here we go:

Lakefront Fitness


Now, this doesn’t mean that I will run outside more, I do that anyhow no matter what the season is.  I run on the lakefront in the snow and sleet, so no, that’s not what I mean.  The gym is great, but working out outside is amazing.  Last year I did a workout video with Jake and my fitness family on the beach, dressed as zombies, but it was a blast.  Doing it by myself, well that’s a bit harrowing.  I feel a bit self-conscious, but hey, why not??!!  This summer, you will see me on the lakefront doing workouts from Jake and a couple of other workout fiends I know.  So if you see me, join me!!!!   


Trapeze Class


Ok, I saw someone doing this outside, again on the lakefront, a few weeks ago.  This is totally happening this year!  It’s gotta be a blast swinging around and landing in those ginormous nets.  It’s always been my favorite part of the circus, which most of you know I am deathly scared of clowns, so I figure I should take matters in my own hands.  Oh, and I hear it’s more fun going with people, so if you are down, let me know!


Studying the Sky


So, living in the city, you don’t get to see a whole lot of stars in the sky.  Trying to make out constellations is like trying to fake your way through a final.  You kinda know the material and just hope that something you say or write sounds halfway intelligent.  I’m going to make it a point to spend time away from the city lights and finally learn exactly where the Big Dipper is and be able to actually find it every time I look up.  


Discovering the City


I’ve lived in the city since I was 18, so almost half my life.  There are still places that I don’t know exist and neighborhoods I’ve never explored.  I am making it a point to eat, drink or just walk around one new neighborhood every 2 weeks and report back with mini-blogs about my new travels.  I won’t drive, I will make sure I take public transportation so I can actually understand where I am going.  I will eat at local spots. nothing that has another location in River North.  I think there is a lot more out there than I even imagined!  So exciting!


Weekly Summer Recipes


Yes, I cook a TON more in the summer with all the fresh produce and herbs that are just abundant this time of year.  What I don’t do is share my recipes, talk about the produce I use and the cooking techniques, whether it’s grilling meat or a salad. Also, recipe writing is my nemesis, but a necessary evil I need to get better at.  This summer, I vow to post more mini-blogs weekly about what new recipe I conjured up, what I used, why I used the ingredients I did, health benefits, dietary details and of course pics.  This is my summer gift to you guys!  But I only ask for one thing in return, FEEDBACK!


Make Time to Unwind


I really need to listen more to myself and my body and rest and unwind when I need to.  I have to learn how to schedule unwind time weekly as efficiently as I do with my workouts.  If I can make the time to work out and do other things, I have to make time to do nothing.  I will schedule a few hours a week solely dedicated to me.  Whether I watch a movie, go to the beach, sit and read on the pier, or just chill with my pups on the patio…this has to happen.  


Museum Mayhem

Chicago_Art_Institute adler-planetarium-chicago 1-shedd-aquarium FieldMuseum-005

Well, not all days in the summer are bright and sunny.  Instead of corralling myself indoors being a lazy sack, I will take on one of Chicago’s museums.  I haven’t been to them really since I was in grade school, which at the time seemed like a huge bore.  I definitely didn’t appreciate them enough then, let’s hope that’s changes this summer.


Dive & Swim


I know how to swim.  Not that well, but I can save myself if need be.  I don’t know how to dive.  I always look good initially and then it turns into some awkward face plant into the water, just no grace at all.  Can someone teach me how to dive?  I also am going to strive to be a better swimmer now with access to a pool and of course the lake, but that thing is COLD!  I just feel like I need to have a better handle on these skills, not sure for what reason yet, but I can’t shake the need for it.  Also, try to shake this fear of the lake at night, I won’t even go near it!


Charter the Unknown


I want to take a class learning something I know absolutely nothing about.  Why?  Because I can. Anything from whittling to fly fishing!! I don’t know, but I want to say I learned something that in one sense could be deemed useless, but totally appropriate given the right situation.  The weirder the better! 🙂


Conquer the Coaster

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Sigh…ok, this one is the one that may not happen.  It’s not that I won’t get on one, I just don’t care to. However, at some point, I am going to have kids and when they ask Mom why she isn’t riding with them, I don’t have a non-pansy answer.  Mommy is a wuss. I don’t want that, so I need to suck it up and let loose and enjoy them.  This may take a few summers…. ugh.


That’s it everyone, that is my list!  I know there are a million more things I can put on there and each one could have a sub category attached to it.  I can’t wait to get started and keep you guys posted!  In the meantime, what’s on your list this summer?  It’s coming faster than you can imagine! 🙂












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