Hey everyone…for those that follow me on social media already know that I’m taking some overdue time off from my blog and my workouts this week. I should be back to blogging next week as usual. I just want to take a minute and discuss the importance of checking in with yourself and listening to what you have to say. I didn’t even know I was this burned out until I got away. I was making choices that were hurting me physically, mentally and emotionally. No matter how strong I think I am, my body knows more than I do and I am definitely nursing an injury that needs to heal before I resume training. I haven’t made a decision on whether I will still run The Chicago Marathon, which is ironic as I did an intro blog last week. Things are very much in the air.
I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the well being texts and messages from you guys, it makes this whole feeling of helplessness a little more therapeutic.
See you guys next week.


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