CRAP.  I’m 35.  I mean really, what happened???  I was just turning 30 in Vegas last week! It’s like I got really drunk, blacked out and woke up to 35.  How come it took forever to get to 30 from 25 and took a blink of an eye to get to 35??!!  How fair is that???!!!  Not to mention that the moment I turned 30, 15 grey hairs popped out in my head, I blew up like a balloon and it took me 3 days to get over a glass of wine!  I thought all this stuff was going to happen gradually…. not all at once.  Sheesh.  They always say that our parents should have gotten a handbook when we are teens, I say I should have gotten a handbook at 30!  As I now will be rounded up to 40, I will honestly say that I am not as depressed as I thought I would be, as I’m finding out I am much more successful at 35 than I was at 25, so heck yeah, let’s celebrate!!!!  In honor of my birthday, I am going to leave you with 35 random facts about my life that you may not care about, but now will always know 😉 




I was actually born on May 6, 1981 in New Delhi, India, not May 15, 1981.  I was adopted and given my name on the 15th and brought to the United States in January 1982.  There is only one document that shows that I was born on May 6th and that’s in a hospital in New Delhi. I now celebrate TWO birthdays 🙂


I never dressed myself  as a kid.  I mean I really didn’t at all.  I didn’t pick out my own clothes until maybe late in junior high, and even then maybe I shouldn’t have!  I mean come one check out these pics…. Dorothy called and wants her dress back!  Also, what’s up with the hair and braces?!



I was a ballerina for 18 years and danced in the Joffrey Nutcracker when I was 7.  I then reprised my Nutcracker role in my company’s production when I was 11 as one of those Russian dancers.  I look ridiculous.  



I was a band geek in junior high.  I sat first chair flute in 8th grade and thought I was the bees knees!  Oh yeah, who else could play 5 instruments, nothing cooler than that!! Riiiiiiiiight….oh, I sang too, I was an alto in my school choir and dance choir for 3 years!  Yes, I can sing. 


I was at the top of my pyramid in 8th grade where I was the only brown girl to ever try out and make the team beating out this popular girl that wanted to kick my butt.  Then, I was booed at the school pep rally because it should have been her and not me on top of that pyramid.  So sorry…not sorry!  (Totally could not find my yearbooks, but it was a priceless pic!)


I won the citywide spelling bee and lost in first round in the state finals to the word candelabra.  I still can’t spell it.  



I’m also a trained Indian classical dance instructor.  I was trained for years in Kathak, a North Indian dance style that dates back to 4th century BC.  Rest in Peace Anila Sinha, she was the best teacher ever, I will never forget how she taught me to command a stage, an audience and leave them wanting more.  I guess I still use that now in life too 😉


I have a brother and sister in India that are 9 & 7 years older than me, as they are my biological parents’ kids who also happen to be my aunt and uncle.  Yes, I was adopted within the family.  My Grandmother who raised me wanted to make sure that I was given an opportunity here in the US with my parents and not in India.  


I hate bananas…any form of them.  Gross.



I know the exact day that I entered womanhood, it was picture day.  Sorry, TMI.  I was only smiling for so long that day.


I am directionally challenged.  I honestly would get lost in my own kitchen if I weren’t a chef.  


I have a photographic memory, so don’t piss me off, I will never let you live that down.  An elephant has nothing on me.  Side note…you would think I would use this to help #11 above…NO.


I’ve been on the news for shopping last minute on Christmas Eve.  Yeah, why that was a story is totally beyond me.  



I was a Pre-Med student going into college, yes, not shocking…. BUT, with a concentration in Computer Science.  I was going to design a medical device to cure cancer…oh yeah.  I failed out after my 2nd semester, reinstated as a Finance major that summer and got straight A’s and graduated from Loyola University in 2003.  Talk about making lemonade……..


I worked as a property accountant, a financial analyst for a candy company and then a commercial property manager…in 7 years…then decided to cook for a living, started my own company at 29 and never looked back.  


I can’t work for a woman.  I can’t deal with a woman with power and authority.  I generally hate women in power, unless it’s me.  Shocking…I know.


I didn’t drink an ounce of alcohol until I was 22.  I have lied about drinking in college so much to fit in that I actually started to believe it.  Pathetic, I know.  However, I have more than made up for it!  On another note, I don’t drink or swear in front of my parents…RESPECT.



I can touch my tongue to my nose.  It’s a skill and a genetic mutation.  I’ll take it. 


10593142_10152257902625124_4527483912392910584_n - Copy 1544337_10152830417070124_4679005681648583201_n - Copy

I still have the same best friend since we were 7 years old and to this day we never let each other or anyone else forget that!  I know, we are a pair of cornballs.


I have a 2nd degree brown belt in Shotokan Karate.  Yeah, who’s scared now?  No one, Shotokan is form based, not combative.  



I love shoes.  I have over 100 pairs of shoes.  I’m not joking.  It’s a sickness, I need help. However, I hate wearing shoes and socks…. I can’t figure that out either.



I have a 32-inch inseam.  5’1 and a half” and all LEGS!  I go through a lot of shave gel. 


My first catering gig was at a private gym, a Pilates studio.  At the time the owner tried to sell me on packages and I told her that I was naturally skinny and it doesn’t fit my lifestyle.  LOL.  Note the irony based on my life now.


I hate cheesecake!  I used to think it was made with mozzarella cheese and was so grossed out by the strawberries on top.  Who puts strawberries on mozzarella cheese???  Strangely, it’s not a bad combo on a cheese board.  My food evolution continues. 


I always confuse Hugh Jackman and Gene Hackman.  I don’t even know how that’s possible considering one is hot and the other is old.  It’s like I know the faces but then get all flustered when I have to name which one it is.  



My grade school career test told me I was going to be in the creative field.  I then faked a 2nd test and manipulated it so that it said I was going to be a doctor.  Hmmm, guess they had it right the first time…can’t force what you don’t have!



My guilty TV pleasure is Dance Moms!  I love that show……!!  That Abby is a HOT MESS!!!!!  I can’t tell you how many time I want to call DCFS on her.  I love Kalani though, her legs and feet are amazing!  I am so jealous of her leg extensions!!! 



Comiskey Park…My first White Sox Game!!  Circa 1988


I am a huge tomboy.  I love sports.  I watch all of them, know most of the rules of most of them.  I’m a Chicago White Sox, Hawks, Bulls and Bears fan!  I also love Notre Dame, yep, you can now hate me, I get it. 


I am deathly scared of water when it’s dark out.  I break out in sweats if I’m near water at night.  I have no idea what that’s about, but you might as well put me in tank with spiders. Looks like a late night skinny dipping session is not happening…EVER. 


I was born left-handed, which was considered a bad thing, thus I was taught to be right-handed.  I really didn’t adapt well, thus now, I am ambidextrous.  Comes in handy ALL THE TIME!  


I met President Clinton in 2009 and escorted him up to the floor he was visiting when I managed a building in Downtown Chicago.  Most awkward moment of my life when I introduced myself…DOH!  #monica


This stupid list is taking forever.  I didn’t think that I wasn’t exciting enough to come up with 35 freaking things!  Wow, so much for the awesome life I’ve lived.  Loser.



I was on Travel Channel for Bacon Paradise Part 2 in 2012.  This came on the heels of my Baconfest win earlier that year.  It changed my life forever!  My 30 seconds of fame.  


I’m allergic to cats and eggs.  I still pet them and eat them….in that order…you sicko.


LAST ONE!!!  I LOVE WINE!  I used to be a beer connoisseur, but switched to wine in the last 2 years or so.  However, I hate Chardonnay, especially from California….no one wants to drink buttered popcorn in liquid form, it’s just disgusting….and if you are one of them, we can no longer be friends.

WHEW!!  That was hard folks!!!  I hope you learned a little more about me after this, I think even I learned a few things about myself!  35 years has taught me a lot from being a kid into an adult.  I can’t wait to see what more I learn from the transition from being an independent woman to a mom to an established icon 😉 I have so much yet to experience and learn and I’m totally ready for it!  A huge thanks to my parents who instilled me with my core values and more so to my backbone, my father, for teaching me work ethic and humility.  Cheers to the next 5 years!  XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!













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2 thoughts on “TWENTY-FOUR. #35

  1. Good read! Youve experienced quite a bit. I enjoy hearing about the experiences and travels. I like the one you got booed for being on top of the pyramid. You go girl. Way to be strong.oh…srry missed your birthday. Happy Birthday


    1. LOL!! Thank you so much for reading!! I have definitely lived an interesting life! That moment was awful then, I now can look back at it and laugh it off!! How mortifying though!! LOL!!


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