TWENTY-THREE. Wha Happened?!?!

First off, I wanted to thank all of you for the overwhelming feedback on my last 3 blogs reviewing meal boxes.  I set out to do those reviews for my own curiosity and for some friends, but it seems to have resonated with a lot of you guys and that’s amazing.  Thank you for giving me that credibility, that means the world to me.  I am working on a new line of reviews with more local companies that I will post sometime in June.  Please don’t ever hesitate to ask me anything or suggest anything you may want my opinion on.  Clearly, I don’t have an issue giving you my opinion on anything. 🙂  I am grateful for all the continued support and hope that I can keep bringing you better material each and every week.  Thank you guys again, so much.

Now on to this week…so something has been irking me for some time now and I know that I am going to get a lot of people that are going to be cheering me on and many that might want to never talk to me again, but hey, it is what it is.  ACCOUNTABILITY.  It’s a long word that takes very little effort but for some reason is a huge feat for so many people.  Lately, I have been hearing horror stories of new culinary grads that are walking in to kitchens as interns thinking that they are executive chefs.  These kids, yes…they are FREAKING KIDS…are showing up when they want to, working on what they want to and working when they want to…and when something goes wrong, which we all know it does, they walk away without a care in the world because they know that someone else will hand them a new opportunity almost immediately…ENTITLEMENT.  Another long word that takes very little time to achieve these days, but is a huge problem for me.  Does no one work anymore?  Does no one have any pride in themselves?  Does no one own up to their own mistakes?  Why are these KIDS walking around with these chips on their shoulders with nothing to back it up??  WHA HAPPENED????!!!!!

When I was growing up, I was always taught to work hard, make money and live well.  Always in that order and always in that fashion.  There are no shortcuts to success as I watched learned as my father work his way up the ranks in his company that he now will retire from after 40 years.  My dad always kept his head down and worked and EARNED every penny he made and made sure that I understood that money was HIS not MINE.  Don’t get me wrong, I lived well and never had to worry about not having something, but when it came to something I WANTED, I had to get a job to pay for it.  My basic needs were covered by my parents, but my extra curriculars were not.  I could ask for money, negotiate repayment plans and even sometimes Dad would slip me a $20 bill telling me not to tell Mom 🙂 Love you, Papa.  However, at the end of the day, I wasn’t entitled to anything.  I had to put my head down and work.  

As a student, I worked 2 jobs to pay rent, buy those bricks that they never actually bought back, known as textbooks (yeah, those did exist, believe me) and for anything fun I wanted to do.  As a corporate junkie, I did what I was told, showed up at 8, left at 7 if that’s what was asked of me and repeated that until I decided I had enough.  As a business owner, I still keep my head down, work for each client as if I’m making a first impression every time, rarely pay myself my own earnings and always challenge myself to strive for better. tumblr_nimkbc8eRb1u1aa2bo1_400 In the gym, I show up when I say I will, I work harder than I think my body will allow me too, I laugh at Jake’s puns as he expects me to and never give him a reason to complain.  Bottom line, I use the same work ethic, drive and passion for anything I tackle.  I didn’t expect my parents to fund my life.  I didn’t expect my grades to magically appear.  I didn’t expect my bosses to let me stroll in when I wanted to and just hand me promotions on a silver platter (side note, never once got promoted in 7 years, yeah now you know why I left…yep, I am ENTITLED to all your sympathies now…please proceed).   I don’t expect my clients to fall at my feet while I take a leave of absence to “be with my feelings”.  I don’t expect Jake to wave his magic wand to make me fit, run my miles for me and do my reps and somehow have a six-pack and killer arms.  IT DOESN”T WORK THAT WAY.  IT NEVER HAS…and GUESS WHAT???????????????????????  IT NEVER FREAKING WILL.

So far, I’ve restrained myself and have kept an even keel in this blog…things are about to change.  Now, as a chef, I have had my own battles with this new generation of degenerates.  Food Network, Chopped and Top Chef has RUINED the psyche of this fragile, feeling driven generation.  The whole notion of working towards success has been thwarted single handedly by creating a dish in 30 minutes from a basket filled with chicken feet, beets and root beer!!!!  I’m not joking, I can’t tell you how many new kitchen interns chatter away about how they can’t wait to be on Chopped to get their $10K and open their own restaurants.  Hey moron, you do realize that you only get about 60% of that prize money, Uncle Sam takes the rest…. oh but wait, these fools are probably scratching their butts wondering what side of the family their Uncle Sam is on.  IDIOTS.  giphy (1)Stop with the champagne dreams on your detox juice budgets…although these days, I think the champagne is cheaper, either way they make you poop.   I get so many complaints about how they think they are above prep work.  “I didn’t go to culinary school to chop a freaking onion” Uh, no, that’s exactly why you went to culinary school you entitled minion.  You are a pee-on.  Get used to it, no one in the kitchen cares what you THINK you are above or below.  That job that you have right now in my kitchen is a privilege, a chance to enhance what you know, exploit your weaknesses and learn as much as you can that doesn’t come written in a recipe or textbook.   So when I tell you to prep onions, you better ask me minced or chopped and get through that 50lb bag before 10am and without uttering a single word…. PUNK.  If you want to hear more about this from a guy that has been in the industry for years, click here for this open letter written by my friend, Chef Mark Mendez…it’s an amazing piece! 

This brings me to THIS letter that was written by Talia Jane, a 25yr old Yelp employee living in the Bay area.  She basically chews out the CEO of Yelp complaining about how hard it is to live on her said salary and that corporations don’t take lifestyle into consideration.  Where do I even start?  The fact that this stupid tart had the balls to write a letter to a CEO of a multi-million-dollar company complaining about earning her keep tells me 2 things…one, she is a delusional idiot…two, but a brilliant miscreant.  I won’t go into all the details, but she constantly talks about how HARD her life is.  First of all, no one forced her to take that job that didn’t pay enough for the apartment that she didn’t have to live in (come on, I just did a search of apts in the Bay Area…there are cheaper apts… GET A ROOMMATE!) or the cell phone bill that she racks up every month.  That’s HER choice.  Choice….we all have a choice, some of us grew up understanding that we are responsible for the choices we make and accept those consequences, while others feel that the rest of the world is responsible for their life choices while they wallow in their well of feelings.  What’s with the freaking feelings lately?  Why is everyone so overly sensitive???  Grow a pair, man up and yeah, it’s ok to scratch yourself every once in a while.  I recently got into an argument from a…dare I say it…MILLENNIAL…who tried to tell me that his student loans are something I will never understand and that paying them off is so much harder than when I was his age.  That he has it HARDER than any other generation because MY generation doesn’t have the time for them, to help them.  We don’t come down to their level and talk to them and best of all…ready for this…. WE DON’T UNDERSTAND them.  We don’t take the time to understand their perils and thus this inhibits their productivity in the workplace and that’s why they take more days off, to reflect and hug themselves.  ARE YOU SERIOUS??????????????????  How do we even allow this as a society?  giphy Does he even know what HARD is???  Hard is having to work 2 jobs, full school load and a balanced social life.  Hard is working 12 hour days working on budgeting templates to the point where the spreadsheet looked like it was dancing to tunes from a CD PLAYER that kept skipping every time you banged your head on your desk…hell, HARD is folding those stupid accordion maps your Dad kept in the dash on long road trips…you know what I’m talking about, I still can’t fold those things!!!!  And really, no one knows HARD until you’ve had to wind up a cassette tape with a ballpoint pen…UGH!  Listen genius, I’ll tell you what I do understand…you are a self-serving, lazy, over coddled, clueless, ungrateful prick that won’t do anything for yourself, not because you can’t, but because you feel it’s OUR duty to do it for you…because that’s what you feel you are ENTITLED to.  We don’t understand his generation…newsflash, no generation understands another, it’s just how it is.  You don’t see us using that as an excuse to not be part of the normal human race that works and is ACCOUNTABLE for what we do and the choices we make.  My Dad would have whipped my butt if I ever made up a dumb excuse like that, he wasn’t even going to entertain that discussion for a minute.  Which, side note to our generation, as much as we might be torn to engage in this nonsense, let’s get a grip and remember why we are successful and instill that in those that are sitting on their own floating clouds of idealism.  Just like bubbles, clouds don’t last…they only look like they do.  

OK, I can go on all day about this, but even I am not that cynical…yeah, LOL….who am I kidding?!   Here’s the deal, a lot of the attitudes that we are seeing in this new generation is stemming from something we are doing, they are right about that and it’s starting at an early age…not saying it’s ALL of our fault, but we are creating the notion that life is a lot easier than it really is.  It just needs to stop.  Let’s stop with multiple dinner options and make your kids eat what’s isquintsn front of them and to finish their plates.  Let’s stop with the participation medals and get back to awarding those who win and lighting a fire under those that lose.  Let’s stop with the hand holding and teaching these self-wallowing philosophies to kids, it only makes Squints from The Sandlot
look like a school-yard bully.  Why did the status quo have to change?  It worked for generations past that make up the very foundation we stand on.  If it ain’t broke, why fix it?  Just sayin’.

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