So you know when you’ve worked out too hard a few days in a row?  You take a recovery day.  When you have worked too many hours at work, you take a mental health day.  I often think when we get sick its God’s way of making us take rest days.  Well, with the week I have had and the weeks I am about to have, I am taking a reprieve from my blog this week.  I didn’t want to force anything as far as a topic went and waste your time.  I decided to not write this week and come back with something very close to my heart next week as I am approaching my 2-year mark on my fitness journey.  I have a lot to share next week and would rather expend my energy getting that blog together.  You will finally get a full view of my fitness life and my journey, as it’s been quite the ride.  

Thank you guys again so much for your support, but as always, if you need anything, I’m here. 

Talk to you next week!




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