So, the other day in the gym, on Sunday (yes, I workout on Sundays, take note), Kris (remember her?  Hot, feisty redhead) 12607099_10205587933566156_2039591755_nand I were talking about how awful it is to workout in the dead of winter.  I mean it’s cold, it’s gray and there’s no reason to look all sexy when you are covered up 99% of the time!  I mean there is just no motivation, I get it. But then we started talking about how at least come March, when everyone realizes that bikini season is 2 months away, we will be ready….and then we realized, screw March, we are ready to roll now!  LOL!!!  Yeah, we get to toot our own horns because of what we have accomplished and the lifestyle that we continue to embrace, so don’t get all bent out of shape because we actually do appreciate what we look like and walk with a little swagger, we earned it!  Now, the reason why I am even writing this is because of the “magic wand” syndrome that is going to engulf most women come March 1st.

12132797_490591361103050_163768088_nMagic Wand Syndrome – when women think that 2 months of crash dieting and working out 4 hours a day equals bikini body for summer, then when clock strikes midnight on the last day of summer, the magic dispels  and the misery again ensues.  

I am guilty of it, and if you deny it, you’re lying to yourself.  It sucks, I know, worrying about rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, etc.  The sheer anxiety of being back in shorts, tank tops, bikinis and skirts….but also one of the best parts of the summer!  I love it and so do you.  The problem is the agony of having to shed the winter to embrace the summer.  That is when the panic starts and we start feverishly looking at the newest diet trends, 30 day ab challenges, new cellulite creams and even new fashion trends that cover up the bad….basically, whatever instant fix we can find.  WHY?  Why do we do this to ourselves every year??  

I started training with Jake 2 years ago in March, having that body ready for the summer wasn’t my goal, but feeling better was.  As a matter of fact that summer in July 2014, I was the heaviest I had ever been because of the muscle i was gaining and I wasn’t losing the fat, so far still from wearing a bikini.  Imagine how that felt, not being able to wear the bikini after personal training for 2 months!  I was so mad, Jake didn’t even know how to deal with it!  Poor guy, I should really apologize to him because he really tried to get me to see the difference between wearing a bikini for one summer versus wearing one without hesitation for the rest of my life.  Duh, idiot, like every other woman, I wanted to be ready NOW!!  Who cares about next summer!!  I’ll deal with that next year! I never completely embraced what he was saying until last year when I was coming out of the winter doldrums.  I made changes that didn’t give me a body instantaneously, but it did take away the panic and the agony.  Was I bikini ready last year by March…no!  But I had a whole lot less work to do because I became consistent and regimented in my workouts, my diet and ultimately my lifestyle.
Since then, I’ve stopped worrying so much about my abs and thighs in a bikini during the summer, but more so how I can sustain what I have accomplished and tweak it as I go along.  Most of you that have followed my fitness timeline since I started training know my dedication to myself and to fitness and how it’s evolved and elevated.  I’m not saying that you have to do the same thing, because you don’t…which brings me to my next point…it’s not all the same.

I workout almost 7 days a week (I try to take one day off), I eat like a horse, I still drink my wine and I still cheat with chocolate.  My results: I’ve lost 32 lbs, close to 17 inches all over, and my BMI dropped about 15 points. 12049202_10153024437085124_9085728614484522651_n (1) This balance of what I have learned to love to do mixed with what I have always loved works for ME!  I had to tweak my lifestyle, cutting out beer, some carbs, adding calories (yes, you need to eat them to burn them, otherwise you will be tired all the time), eating more protein, changing my eating times and even just how much water I take in.  The thing is that I had to work through all this on my own, learn on my own, listen to my body and make the adjustments necessary.  There is no set template as to how to get back into shape!  Which is why I get so evasive when people ask me what I do and what plan I would give them…because if I do offer advice and a “plan”, I am also responsible when it doesn’t work for that person.  I am not liable for your lack of results if MY PLAN doesn’t work for you.  You wouldn’t buy the same pair of stilettos that I happen to have without trying them on, and then blame me because you couldn’t walk in them, now would you?  Come on, we are all built differently on the inside as we are on the outside, that’s just common sense!  Make choices for yourself that will last, not those that are designed to fail.  Commit to yourself no matter how long it takes.  You will have days that validate all your dedication and days that you sit and wallow in a pint of ice cream and bottle of red wine (yes, I do that).  It’s ok, so what??  It’s all part of the process, but YOU have it in you to control the when and the how, just ask your body.  

Sure, there are guidelines to being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, that I can agree with. It’s the nitty gritty that makes it effective for yourself.  The time, dedication and consistency that you give it and allow for yourself to manifest. Don’t be intimidated and don’t think you have to do everything at once.  It’s January, start watching what you eat, work out a day or two a week, take the stairs.  February, cut out more empty calories, drink more water, increase your workouts….by March, you will have taken notes on your intake, now increase your workouts, then reevaluate your intake…you get the idea, it’s a process, not a magic spell.  

Fact is, the more you give to yourself and your body, the more your body will give back to you.  I wanted a hot body, but I got a healthy heart first, because that’s what my body needed most.  The rest of it came later and more naturally and will last me for as long as I continue to nurture it.

So now when someone asks me how I juice, I answer with a spoon and an orange…and when someone asks me about my fave shake, I answer with Chocolate Cake Shake from Portillo’s and when someone asks me about my favorite meal replacement bar, I say Snickers (cure the HANGRY!).  WHY? HOW?  Because I can.




Next week….we talk football food…..oh the joy……..

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