So, I know I promised a blog this week about Holiday Garbage (Candy) but then when things unexpectedly happen,  I have to share it.  So I am pulling an audible and writing this week about some amazing goals my fitness girl, Kris and I have been trying to achieve and finally did.  I mean, that’s what blog writing is all about, right?  Living in the moment, writing about what you are experiencing at that time, not always a prefabricated story… I’m sharing with you, this week,  a part of my journey.

The pull-up.   One of the most harrowing things I have ever had to conquer in the gym.  It’s so simple, yet the hardest thing for most people to do, especially women.  I remember back in school when we had to do those fitness tests and most of us just hung from the bar like a saddlebag on a donkey, thinking when the hell are we ever going to need to do this???!!!

So about a year ago, 8 months into my new fitness lifestyle, Jake, my trainer (you will hear this name often, so remember it)  decided to test us all on the pull-up bar.  I thought to myself, hell yeah! I am so ready for this, I’ve been putting in all this time and effort, I’m gonna nail this.  Well……not so much.  As a matter of fact, I could barely hang on to the bar, and came crashing down.  I felt like I was in worse shape  than when I was hanging from the bar in 5th grade.  I mean, how is that possible??  How could I be so useless doing a pull-up??  How much more time do I have to put in???  Am I just wasting my time doing all this??  What have I been doing for 8 months in here??  I was so defeated to the point, that I almost quit that day.  I was so angry at Jake for making me look stupid and I was embarrassed for being so weak.  I hated him, I hated myself, it was THE WORST DAY, EVER.  At that point, I was done, there was no consoling me, I didn’t even want to hear it and certainly never was going back to that pull-up bar.  

It took me a good week to calm down and realize what I didn’t know that day.  First thing was that none of the girls could do it and that my 6 second hang was actually not that bad, and finally, that I had a partner in crime that was in the same boat as I was…enter, Kris.  

Kris is this sexy, no nonsense fiery redhead with amazing arms and killer abs.  She’s the one you love and secretly hate in the gym 😉  She is also my power boost, she makes me work harder, jump higher and run faster and makes me better all around. 11329805_10152780143230124_4515703410303370103_n She and I have a great relationship in and out of the gym and that just makes it all the more fun when we train together.  As a matter of fact, she sometimes is the only reason I go in on Saturdays and Sundays.  

We both had it in our craws that we had to get a pull-up in 2015, at some point, and Jake knew that our drive was going to get us there.  So, we didn’t give up.  Month after month, we kept coming in, kept hanging from the bar and kept swinging from the rings.  We built arm, shoulder, back, core and even grip strength.  At times, it seemed though, no matter what we did, we still couldn’t get our heads above the bar.  We had some days where we hung for a minute and days where we could barely hang on for 5 seconds.   Kris and I motivated one another and our competitive natures kept each other in check 🙂  We grew in our resolve and as the year was dwindling down, we were more than committed to getting ONE pull-up, just the one. 

Then yesterday, I finally did it…..and in perfect tune, Kris did as well.  Not a day sooner, or later.  It was rather fitting.  Jake told me to jump on to the bar and go for it, and that’s exactly what I did, not even realizing I did the first pull-up and jumped off.   I think there was a second of stunned  silence from both Jake and I, as I thought I did it wrong because I felt like it was completely effortless.  Last week I was struggling with just the hang and felt every pang of pain that came with that 12 second hang.  But as soon as I heard Jake break the silence with his jovial chortle, I knew I had done my first pull-up, EVER!  After that, I dug deep and dished out 2 more for the camera, well, almost 2 🙂  I was so elated, but it almost felt a bit surreal.  

Now, you know that everything has 2 sides, this is no exception.  Jake brought up my meltdown last year and even though I never wanted to think about it,  he never once forgot it.  He made it a point to  bring it up and made me relive the memory of that day, and as much as I didn’t want to, I needed to.  It was the only way I could truly realize how far I have come and that I should never give up pushing, because great things can happen when you persevere. I have to stop being my own worst enemy, it gets me nowhere.  

Jake also told me that a few weeks ago, how upset he was that Kris and I may not meet this goal this year, and that hit home, hard.  Letting Jake down is the worst feeling for me, I literally get nauseous about it.  He invests so much time in me and has such high expectations, knowing full well I can exceed them.  When I don’t, it makes me feel like I waste his time.  He never gave up on me, even when I did, and he still pushes me and now has me working on 5 pull-ups before year end, really, in 2.5 weeks?  But he has taught me to pick my butt up and dust it off and get back to the grind, and if I need a hand getting up, he’s there.  Jake invests himself in all of us, it’s amazing, but also sometimes intimidating.  Now you all know why I train as hard as I do and with the same trainer for the last 20 months, an hour away, 5 days a week.  

(You wanna see for yourself, for free, how awesome Jake is….check out his You Tube Channel (yes, shamless plug, I have no regrets)

Relentless Jake

I know some of you are thinking, why am I getting all emotional about pull-ups, but if you know me, you know that this isn’t about the pull-up, it’s about my journey that started last March to change how I look and feel about myself.  The journey wasn’t overnight, it’s been 20 months of continuous hard work, dedication and fight.  I didn’t take the easy road, the shortcut, the sunny side of the sidewalk….it never pays to do so.  Kris and I are proof that we are fitness warriors ready for the long war, not just one small battle.  So I say……………………………………


Proof is in the pudding!  I actually hate pudding.

Here’s my girl, Kris!!!  BEAST MODE!!!!


And for those of you that don’t know what the hardest pushup EVER is….take a look…..yours truly looks like a poptart doing it!  And it’s the only media form I have of Kris and I working out together…I know, right??? Love you Kris ♥  Thanks for being you and making me a better me.



Ok, next week….I promise…Holiday Garbage!

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